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Wholesale Enquiries

Would you like to stock Elemento Mineral products?

Elemento Mineral represents the emergence of a whole new age in cosmetic and beauty products. EcoChic! – upmarket and eco-friendly. Their ingredients are the finest available worldwide AND certified natural and organic (Ecocert) – a premium range of beauty products that are also fiercely socially and environmentally responsible.

This unique line of products marries long-held beauty secrets with new age therapies, blending the best of Eastern and Western cultures into a range of scientifically formulated yet metaphysically gifted products. They are rich in metaphysical properties, melding together the natural therapeutic benefits of chromatherapy and aromatherapy and crystal therapy with the traditionally-known cosmetic properties of clay.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please email us at and we will email you a wholesale price list along with our terms and conditions.

Elemento Mineral products are ideal for spas, yoga schools, natural and organic retailers, beauty salons, pharmacies, cosmetics and beauty retailers, and online stores.

Exclusive Distributors
Australia, NZ, Oceania (Asia/Pacific Islands), and Indonesia:

Ganesha Imports Pty Ltd
ACN: 147 348 310
Brisbane, Australia

For more information contact Ganesha Imports by email:

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