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Gemstone Properties


Of Japanese origin, the beauty secrets of powdered pearls is well known by Asian women and and has been used for centuries. It consists of a combination of amino acids and minerals such as calcium, selenium and zinc.
Its use in the skin promotes enhanced hydration, whitening and cell renewal through enzymatic and metabolic activities. Results in a smoother skin, thin and elastic with a satin finish.


Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colors. According to an ancient Egyptian legend, tourmaline, in its long journey from the center of the earth, passed through a rainbow. In doing so, it incorporated all the colors and it is still referred to as “the gem of the rainbow”.
Found in Brazil, Ceylon and Russia, tourmaline is rich in aluminum, borax, silica, iron, sodium and magnesium.
Its use in cosmetics is indicated to improve the tone and vitality of the skin. It helps protect the skin against cold and wind by increasing microcirculation.
Metaphysical properties: Tourmaline builds self-confidence, neutralizes negative energies, fears and sorrows, helps in concentration and inspires love, spirituality and creativity.


Citrine is a rare variety of Quartz with colors ranging from pale yellow to brown. The name Citrine comes from Greek origins and means “stone lime” and is found mainly in Brazil.
Contains silica, iron oxide, manganese, calcium and titanium. It re-mineralizes and has antioxidant effect.
Metaphysical properties: Citrine is considered the stone of prosperity and wealth. It cleanses and activates the solar plexus.


Aquamarine (Latin aqua marina) meaning “water of the sea”, is a blue or turquoise variety of beryl. It contains aluminum, beryllium and silicates, with traces of chromium and magnesium.
Much appreciated in meditation, this stone is associated with cleanliness and serenity.
Helps energize the glands, skin and blood vessels.
Metaphysical properties: Aquamarine stimulates a strong sense of well-being


Primarily aluminium oxide, its name comes from the Persian word “Safir” or Greek “Sapphire” and means “Beloved of Saturn”. Found in India, Burma, Ceylon, Vietnam, Australia and Brazil.
Its use in cosmetics is suitable to combat rashes and excessive sweating, and is anti-stress.
Metaphysical properties: Sapphire symbolizes loyalty and fidelity, awakens intuition and awareness, and promotes inner peace and renewal.


Purple. The color of Kings. Its name comes from Greek “Amethystos” and means “sober”.
Found in Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia and Zambia.
Its use in cosmetics is indicated for balance and regeneration of the skin, and also encourages drainage.
Metaphysical properties: Amethyst has a relaxing effect, removes fear and anxiety. Balances the energies of the physical, mental and emotional.


The Ruby is one of the toughest gemstones, second only to diamond. Its color comes from Corundum and is a composition of aluminum and oxygen.
It is a rare stone found in Sri Lanka and Thailand.
In cosmetic use ruby powder is indicated for uniform skin tone and improved firmness and elasticity.
Metaphysical properties: Using a Ruby, especially on the left side, increases longevity, strength and vitality, bringing good luck.

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