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Our Clays

Elemento Mineral is built on a foundation of 9 coloured clays. All the coloured clays are extracted from organic sources and their beautiful tones are 100% natural. In other words, there are no artificial colourants or added pigments, just variations of minerals and trace elements that nature offers us. So pure in fact, our clays are Ecocert Certifed Natural and Organic.

Clay is a natural cosmetic wonder, a gift from the land for our benefit, and has been used in beauty treatments since antiquity. It is extraordinary because of its geophysical properties and its encapsulated solar and magnetic energies. The elemental composition of clay acts to detox, revitalise, energise and regenerate – restoring balance, invigorating, and mending – returning your natural state of well-being.

Clay’s natural absorbing properties draw out harmful particles and toxins from the microscopic pores of the skin, gently scrubbing the skin, eliminating dirt, dead pores and old skin cells. Rich in minerals, clay stimulates and brightens up your epidermis by stimulating blood circulation.

Ecocert Certified Natural and Organic Clays

Our clay is sourced from a Certified organic and sustainable mine located in a remote region in southern Brazil. The region is renowned for its pure, superfine clays and many of the world’s elite cosmetics manufacturers use Kaolin clay from this region as the basis for their luxury cosmetic products.

Gamma Radiation Free

The elemental composition of raw mineral clays are rich and varied, and include a percentage of plant and organic matter which needs to be removed to produce the high calibre pure clay needed for facial masks and cosmetics. Our clay is decontaminated without using gamma rays, the traditional purification method and a process that alters the structure of clays. The technique used by Elemento Mineral is a patented process, accepted globally, that uses dry heat and ozone gas (originating from oxygen), and preserves all the intrinsic benefits of the Active Organic Minerals and doesn’t generate any poisonous waste or pollutants.

Clay’s cosmetic benefits stem from various Active mineral elements (ions and trace elements) whose delicate nature can be destroyed by the electromagnetic radiation produced by radioactive elements in gamma-rays, a type of ionizing radiation which can penetrate matter very deeply.

Our patented process eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms while retaining the Active mineral properties leaving our clays:

• Free of dioxins
• Free of radioactivity
• Free of pesticide residues

Clinical Trials Conducted

All 9 clays have undergone extensive clinical trials to ensure you can use them on your skin with confidence, no matter how sensitive. The following dermalogical and biological clinical trials were conducted:
• heavy metals
• pesticides
• pollutants
• diotoxine
• microbiological
•  mineralogical composition
• chemical composition
• primary dermal irritation
• accumulated dermal irritation
• dermal sensitivity
• cutometry tests
• sebumetry tests

Using Clay Powder

Our clays come packaged as a beautifully coloured, superfine powder. Preparing the powder for use can become a relaxation ritual which both calms the mind and eases muscular tension. We suggest you blend the clay with mineral water where possible and never use metal implements. Simply add clay powder to a dry dish or bowl, moisten with water and stir until a smooth, creamy paste. Spread generous coat over face or body (using hand or brush), allow to dry and then rinse off with water. The thicker the coat you apply, the more the clay benefits can work, and the longer it takes to dry.

Elemento Mineral Clay Powder Range

There are 9 varieties of coloured clay, each colour derived from its specific mineral element. Each coloured clay has a different cosmetic benefit.

White Clay

WHITE CLAY (Kaolin) is rich in trace elements. It’s mineral composition is silicon and aluminum silicate which absorbs impurities. Purifies and softens the skin without dehydrating. Improves elasticity and promotes uniform skin tone and natural luminosity.

Composition: silicon, aluminum silicate
Benefits: Lightening; brightening
Face: Use as a whitening mask
Body: Use to lighten armpits, groin, hands and entire body

Red Clay

RED CLAY (Kaolin, Montmorillonite) is an active mineral, rich in iron oxide and copper which are important elements in cellular respiration, preventing ageing skin. The deficiencies of these elements cause a thin epidermis, dry and inelastic. Red clay has a rejuvenating effect.

Composition: silicon, iron, calcium, phosphorus, aluminum, sodium, titanium, magnesium, potassium, copper, smectite, quartz, illite, kaolinite.
Benefits: firmness; elasticity; anti-ageing; improves circulation
Face: Use as an anti-ageing mask
Body: Use as a masks or body wrap to activate body circulation; promotes firmness and tones the chest, gluteals, and thighs; helps minimize the action of cellulite.
Hair: Use to tone the scalp and promote hair shine.

Vanilla Clay

VANILLA CLAY (Kaolin) consisting of hydrated silicate of aluminum and high levels of potassium and trace elements. Recommended for remineralizing the skin. This composition has benefits for the natural aging process by helping the skin especially very flabby and old.

Composition: Silicon, aluminium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, titanium, magnesium, potassium, kaolinite, illite, smectite, quartz, feldspar, magnetite
Benefits: Lightens; heals; for delicate and sensitive skin
Face: Use as a whitening mask after cleansing the skin
Body: Use as mask or wrap to purify / heal the skin (for entire body or specific parts)

Black Clay

BLACK CLAY (Kaolin, Mica, Montmorillonite) is a rare clay with high content of silicon, aluminum and titanium minerals and others that contribute to cell renewal and improve skin tone. Its properties are similar to the “Rhassoul” of Morocco clay.

Composition: silicon, iron, calcium, phosphorus, aluminum, sodium, titanium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, litium, Kaolinite, mica, gibbsite, quartz, montmorillonite
Benefits: anti-toxic; nutritious; antiseptic; astringent
Face: Use as purifying mask for oily skin; specially suitable for male skin disorders
Body: Use as mask or wrap to purify / heal the skin (for entire body or specific areas)
Hair: It helps reduce sebum production; specially recommended for dandruff and itchiness.

Pink Clay

PINK CLAY (Kaolin, Mica) is rich in minerals such as iron and aluminum oxide and other trace elements that act in the elasticity, decreasing sagging skin and acting against all the signs of ageing. Restores skin vitality.

Composition: Titanium, zinc, aluminium, silicon, Smectite, quartz, illite, kaolinite
Benefits: elasticity; tightening; vitality; recommended for sensitive skin
Face: Use as revitalizing mask to promote vitality, firmness, elasticity, and smoothing effect
Body: Use as mask or wrap to soften and tone skin

Purple Clay

PURPLE CLAY (Kaolin, Mica, Montmorillonite) is rich in trace elements such as magnesium which contributes to the formation of collagen, essential to keep skin looking younger. The skin becomes firmer, smoother.

Composition: Magnesium, iron, calcium, titanium, silicon, Kaolinite, illite, feldspar, magnetite
Benefits: helps in the formation of collagen; firmness; improves muscle tone and promotes muscle recovery
Face: Use for masks specially recommended for matured skin, menopause and andropause disorders
Body: Use for masks or wraps to strengthen the skin, increase firmness and toning

Yellow Clay

YELLOW CLAY (Kaolin, Mica, Montmorillonite) is rich in titanium, potassium and silicon, the elements that are catalysts for the formation of collagen. Improves blood circulation. It protects the skin against the formation of free radicals responsible for ageing.

Composition: potassium, titanium, calcium, iron, aluminium, magnesium, sodium, silicon, kaolinite, mica, illite, quartz, montmorillonite, hematite, ilmenite
Benefits: purifying; astringent; re-mineralizing; works against free radicals
Face: Use as mask specially suitable for minimizing the effects caused by nicotine, pollution and stress on the skin
Body: Use as mask or body wrap to re-mineralize and purify the skin

Burgundy Clay

BURGUNDY CLAY (Kaolin, Mica, Montmorillonite) has high levels of iron and its deep red colour is due to the presence of hematite, which is responsible for its depurative effects, decongestant properties and general revitalization of the skin. Improves skin lesions caused by chronological ageing, has tightening effect and helps improve skin elasticity.

Composition: Iron, silicon, cooper, iron oxide, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, kaolinite, mica, illite, quartz, montmorillonite, hematite, ilmenite
Benefits: purifies; decongestant; revitalizing; anti-ageing; firmness; elasticity
Face: Use as an anti-ageing mask
Body: Use as mask or body wraps to activate body circulation, promote firmness and tone the chest, gluteal, and thighs; it minimizes the action of cellulite
Hair: Use to tone the scalp, strengthen, and promote hair shine

Green Clay

GREEN CLAY (Kaolin, Mica, Montmorillonite) is rich in iron oxide, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Molybdenum and other trace elements. It has a gentle exfoliating effect, promotes detoxification and regulates sebum production so is ideal for oily skin. It leaves a refreshing feeling of cleanliness.

Composition: iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, selenium
Benefits: detox; tones, refreshes; deodorizes; antiseptic; absorbs oiliness
Face: Use as a purifying mask for oily or acne skin
Body: Use as mask or wrap to purify / heal the skin (for entire body or specific areas)
Hair: Helps reduce sebum production, recommended for oily scalp

Quartz Crystal

QUARTZ CRYSTAL is a pure mineral ideal for gentle exfoliation for face and body. It does not harm the skin due the roundness of its particles. Removes dead cells, refines and softens skin.

Composition: silicon, iron, calcium, quartz
Benefits: rejuvenates; cleanses; smoothens; refines the skin; removes dead cells
Face: Use as exfoliating scrub
Body: Use as exfoliating scrub

All 9 clays are available in 1kg Spa Packs and can be used for facial masks and whole body wraps.

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